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Wessington Group Ltd.

Wessington Middle East

Wessington Group Ltd opened a regional office in 2007, to support and develop sales in the exciting and fast-growing markets of the Gulf, Near East and India. This office, based in the United Arab Emirates, gives a closer sales presence to many important customers. The office also manages and coordinates our regional logistics service. We hold strategic stocks in Jebel Ali and Hamriyah Free Zones, and can arrange deliveries by road and sea.

Wessington Middle East offers the Group's full range of chemicals, polysulfide polymers and products for the insulated glass industry.


Speciality Resins:

  • Thiokol® LP, Liquid Polysulfide Polymers
  • Modified Epoxy Resins
  • Speciality Acrylic, Phenolic, Polyester and Polyurethane resins
  • Gum Rosin

 Fast Fusing Speciality Plasticizers:

  • Synegis® Plasticizers from Ferro: dibenzoate esters, polymeric adipate esters
  • Santicizer® Plasticizers from Valtris: benzyl phthalate esters, phosphate esters

Chlorinated Paraffin Plasticizers
Colours and Fillers:

  • Titanium dioxide
  • Lithopone: white pigment and partial replacement for titanium dioxide for inks and coatings
  • Safe Yellow® organic-inorganic hybrid yellow pigment
  • Calcium carbonates

 Adhesion Promoters:

  • Organosilane adhesion promoters
  • Titanates – basic, polymerised and chelated for use in epoxy, alkyd, polyester, acrylic and nitrocellulose based coatings and inks

 Curing Agents:

  • Activated Manganese dioxide powders and pastes for Polysulfide
  • Sodium perborate paste for Polysulfide
  • Dicyandiamide for high temperature curing of epoxy coatings and adhesives
  • Aliphatic amines for curing epoxy resins
  • QE-340M, multi-functional mercaptan cure accelerator for epoxy coatings and adhesives
  • Cross-linking agents for powder coatings



  • Sodium hydrosulfite
  • Triethylamine, diethylhydroxylamine ("DEHA") 85% and 98%
  • Dicyandiamide
  • Ion exchange resins
  • Precipitated calcium carbonates
  • Ascorbic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid
  • Calcium chloride, magnesium chloride
  • Sodium formate

Polysulfide polymers and curing agents; sourcing of other sealant raw materials:

  • Thiokol® LP polymers
  • Activated manganese dioxide powder and pastes
  • Sodium perborate pastes for making white and coloured sealants
  • Adhesion promoters, plasticisers, fillers, thixotropes

Products for the insulated glass market:

  • Polysulfide edge sealant (2-part)
  • PIB primary sealant
  • Molecular sieve (3A)
  • Spacer bars
  • Silicone glazing sealants