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Wessington Group Ltd.

Products for the Glass Industry

Wessaflex IG-4 Polysulfide Insulating Glass Edge Sealant
A two component, solvent free, polysulfide secondary sealant used for the manufacture of dual seal insulated glass window units.
The sealant has met European standard EN1279 Part 4. Window units manufactured using the secondary sealant in conjunction with a butyl primary sealant meet both Parts 2 and 3 of EN1279.

PIB Primary Sealant
A single component poly-isobutylene based primary, inner sealant used for making dual seal IG units.

Molecular Sieve 3A
Bead shaped desiccant for filling spacer bars in IG window unit manufacture.

Spacer Bars
Aluminium spacer bars for IG window unit manufacture.

Equipment for the Insulated Glass Industry
Meter-mix application equipment, butyl extruders, molecular sieve filling equipment

1-Part Silicone Glazing Sealants
For sealing PVCu and wooden window frames into concrete or brick surrounds.
For glazing between IG unit and PVCu or wood frame as an alternative to putty or rubber gasket.
NB. These 1-Part Silicone sealants are not suitable for IG unit manufacture or for Structural Glazing applications.

Glass Container Production
Synthetic I.S. Lubricants
Blank/mould swabbing compounds
Scoop oils
Gob shear lubricants